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Accidental damage cover, and much much more.
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Why BD Plus?

BD plus is the BD experience, elevated. We think we make products you never want to live without, BD plus means you never have to.

Accidental damage cover.
No matter what happens to your BD products, we've got you covered. No extra cost, no extra hassle.
5% off online.
Get 5% off any online purchase.
Lifetime warranty.
We'll cover your products for as long as you choose to practice.
Courtesy Loupes.
We guarantee you a pair of courtesy loupes if anything goes wrong.
£200 loupe trade in.
Have a pair of loupes you'd like to upgrade from? We offer BD Plus subscribers 200 off their new Refractive purchase when they trade in their loupes.
Secret member benefit.
There's one more benefit which we'll send you with your BD plus black card.
Brands Eligible for Trade in

Life without BD Plus.

Repair costs of at least £240 every time.

On average each out of warranty repair costs at least £240 due to the custom nature of our products.

Life after your manufacturer’s guarantee.

Once your 5 year loupe or Refractive warranty expires, or 2 year headlight and electronics warranty runs out, we're not able to cover your repairs unless you're a subscriber.

Courtesy Loupes.

We can't guarantee you courtesy loupes if something goes wrong.

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BD Plus.

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